🗣 Mayday!… Mayday!! 🗣

This post has been brought to your attention to be on the lookout for a suspect, wanted for publicly strutting around in her ‘Birthday Suit’.

Please be warned she is not afraid to flaunt what she has. Observe at your own risk!

Today’s post is a special one I wanted to write…

On this day, literally on this day and weekday, 28 years ago. I, Carol Abena Yamoaah Acquah, came into the world. Abena (pronounced Ah-bin-ah) the traditional Ghanaian name for being born on Tuesday. To celebrate this joyous occasion, I had to share with you what the end results were from my most special DIY make.

I had already planned in my head that I wanted to make myself and which fabric I was going to use. Once again I returned to my Ankara stash to pick the chosen print and set it aside.

Originally I was going to use this fabric for a long coat using another New Look pattern and I was dead set on making that happen. But that quickly changed when I came across New Look #6231 and I fell in love with the blazer and trousers the model was wearing and I knew a two piece outfit would be absolutely perfect. So I got to work and christened it ‘The Birthday Suit’.

I chose view A for the blazer and cut out a size 8 because I wanted a fitted look. For view D, I cut a size 12.

Now, putting the blazer together was a whole another story I tell you! At first it was easy until I got stuck. I tried following the instructions as closely as I could, but there were certain parts of the construction that I really struggled with. For example, I had trouble attaching the cowl collar as I had never added one before and the pleated peplum attached to bottom of the blazer.

Despite returning to the instructions and reading and rereading and re- you catch my drift 😂 I couldn’t get it! At this point the blazer was almost was on its way to the ‘I tried’ pile but fortunately I kept going. Watching many Youtube tutorials on how to sew a blazer (shoutout to @kimdavedesigns) got me through my trial lol

The part of the outfit that really made me proud was sewing the trousers. When I tell you me and trousers are not friends, it’s serious! But I actually understood what I needed to do here and used some techniques I’ve learnt in previous DIY projects. I managed to get the waistband and the zip in no problem! I do wish now that I had added pockets, but I’ll definitely do that on the next pair.

Overall this outfit is, by far, the best one I’ve made whilst I’ve been on my sewing journey so far. Hands. Down.

I got so many compliments when I took my final pictures, my mum has been showing it off to her friends and I have already been asked to help make another one with her. The affection I have for this suit is so unreal! I just can’t stop smiling whenever I open up my wardrobe and see it hanging up. I hope you also like what you see as much as I do 😊

See you on the next one!