Towards the end of 2018, I really started focusing on sewing trousers. I mean, it’s what I reach for pretty much everyday and it is on heavy rotation in my wardrobe. I’ll admit to you that the first pair of trousers I had sewn up was an absolute fail. Like a real F for fail fail. I had no idea how to stitch the front leg to the back leg. No understanding of crotch depth/length and the option of inserting a fly zip? Yeah, I really went in over my head with that idea. And guess what? The pattern I used to make those first pair of trousers, was none other than McCall’s M6901!

Looking back now I can only laugh at myself at trying to understand what on earth I was doing.  Fortunately after much practice, I gained the confidence to return to the pattern again.

For this pattern I cut out a size 12. The fabric used was a beautiful wool blend, purple and grey tartan striped. Purchased from my visit to the Knitting & Stitching show last year.

This pattern is designed by the Palmer/Pletch duo, so if you don’t know already, they are well known for their thorough instructions of fitting trousers and how to alter them to your shape. This comes in pretty handy for anyone at any level who struggle to find and fix the usual problems that we may face when sewing our own pair.

All was going well towards the end of this project until I tried these on… there was gaping going on in the back of the waistband. A lot of it. That is thanks to my round behind and small waist. I could see a vision of me putting this aside to never see the light of day again. The waistband of the pattern is straight, which is great for figures that have waist and hips around the same size as each other but I needed to make an alteration to it to make it curved to fit my body.

This was achieved by pinching the band to see how much excess fabric I needed to remove. This was about an inch in total. After that was taken out, I reattached it and thank goodness it worked!

I would definitely recommend this pattern to an intermediate – advanced beginner who is willing to try and begin their journey into making trousers. The instructions will walk you through the steps so it won’t feel as though you don’t know what to do. I am glad I returned to this pattern because I love the fit and it is something I would return to again.