Hello everyone!

I’m back with another DIY make for you 😁

This week’s post will be focused on a new make from my DIY compilation using a popular McCall’s pattern M6886.

I think every seamstress, from novice to professional, has this pattern in their collection and it’s not hard to see why. It is probably the most easiest pattern I’ve used.

I chose view B for the desired length and cut a size 10 for the close fit since I was using a stretch fabric.

I have made dresses before and I have also made a dress using the same pattern so there wasn’t any need to use instructions this time around, especially as I needed only a few pieces. But I did have a quick glance over it just to make sure it made sense to me.

I did find when I was close to finishing that it was loose in some areas. Because I have a small waist I had a loose fit in the the lower back area. Something similar actually happened when I made the first dress with this pattern



So when faced with the same dilemma, I took in the fabric by pinning it according to how fitted I wanted it to be on me and marking in chalk the outline of the direction of the pins. Then finished it by trimming off the excess.


Et voilá! A fitted dress that looked the way I wanted it to look 😊

Would I sew it again?

I sure will! No doubt about it. I absolutely love this dress and can guarantee there will be more to follow!