Akwaaba (Welcome) friends! Today marks 62 years since Ghana gained their independence from the British. Although I was born in the UK, my origins through my parents begin there. So I thought I’d celebrate the occasion by creating some DIY magic!

For this project I did something different, I refashioned something I already owned and turn it into a jumpsuit. For this I used two patterns to accomplish this look. Vogue 9160 (size 12) for the trousers and McCall’s M6838 (size 8 graded to size 14) for the sweetheart shaped bodice.

The construction of this jumpsuit was quite interesting. The dress I had was literally a rectangle so I had to play a bit of tetris to get the important pieces in. I cut the back pieces in black contrasting fabric and I had to unpick the embroidery (which was fun! 😔) I shortened the trousers by 9 inches so I just about got it to fit where I needed it to.

Overall for a first attempt at refashioning an RTW item of clothing mix and matching patterns I did a fairly good job. I’m not too pleased with the fit of the bodice this time around, but I think that is down to probably not choosing the correct bust size. I’ll need to check that again if I use that McCall’s pattern again. However the trousers fit great so I won’t let that dampen my efforts!

🇬🇭 Happy Independence Day Ghana 🇬🇭