Hello Fashsewnistas!

Today’s post will be about a jacket I created using Butterick Pattern 6328.

Now I originally planned this to make this jacket for the heavily anticipated movie Black Panther. I was so determined to do something to commemorate the biggest cinematic this year. I’m telling you I was so ready!

I used Kente print fabric, a style commonly associated with Ghana. It was my first time attempting a cute jacket that wouldn’t be so complicated to put together. Although the pattern didn’t require for the jacket to be lined, I did so anyway just to give it some shape and structure. I decided to do contrasting sleeves in a sweater knir to give it a bit of an edge to the style

I found the instructions very easy to follow and it didn’t take that long to put together. I’m very pleased with the outcome, and it felt so good walking into the office with my whole outfit assembled together that day! This is the perfect jacket to reach for whenever the weather calls for it to come out. Just have a look at the photos at the end of this post to see what I mean 😂😂😂…

This pattern would be great to try for any beginner wanting something simple to make. It is definitely a great addition to any wardrobe. This will come out again for me to try again!

See you on the next one! ☺