It’s been a minute….

Ok. Maybe I’m exaggerating just a tiny bit. The last Sew & Tell post I put up was back in the summer… well damn…

Ok. It’s definitely been more than a minute 😂

So what where have I been? I’ve been in deep hibernation mode behind the sewing machine creating one thing after another. If you follow my Instagram page (@sewcazual) you’ll see I’ve been pretty active in showing you some random works in progress. But I’ve missed you guys. So I’m laying my latest work in progress to the side to show you what I’ve been busy with since July.

This Butterick pattern consists of loose fitting tops/tunics with neck tie options. You can make the 3/4 or short sleeve options and the hem of the top can be open or  fed through with elastic.

I cut View A but with the 3/4 sleeves and cut a size 6. Due to the pattern’s loose fit, I wasn’t concerned about it being tight on me even though I went with the smallest size.

The fabric I used was a crepe (I’m growing to love crepe whenever I work with it) from my usual hangout in Walthamstow market

The pattern is not particularly difficult to sew up, I would definitely class it as beginner friendly. You may need to read over the instructions a couple of times to understand how to attach the neck tie and also the facing.

Now, personally I didn’t see the need for a facing to be added to this shirt because it sits a little awkwardly on the inside of it. I have to always keep adjusting it so that it can sit without it being too bulky. Thankfully the neck tie helps to disguise this issue. If I were to do this pattern again I would eliminate the facing and just go for bias binding around the neck.

A couple of changes that I did make to the patterrn was not to feed any elastic through the hem of the sleeve and just have it open to give it a flared effect. I also wasn’t happy with the sleeve length so I added about a couple of inches so that it sat nearer to my wrist.

Ok, so is there anything else? Well.. there is a little bit of hand stitching involved around the collar. If you are like me, and want to minimise that as much as possible, then you can always just ‘stitch in the ditch’ or topstitch.

Overall, I repeat it is not a difficult pattern to construct. It’s a great addition to the wardrobe and something that can be repeated over and over. It can be worn super casual or even as smart casual.

I hope this gives you the push to give it a go 😊 and I’ll catch you on the next one