The time has come round once again guys! It is my birthday today! And to really begin #Chapter29 and start spring with a bang, I’ve made myself a whole new outfit with a new hairstyle 💇🏽‍♀️ courtesy of Mimi G’s S8655!

I do love Mimi G and have quite a few of her patterns, but I’ll admit I haven’t sewn up many of them (probably about 2) mostly due to the fact that I have a long list of things to make up! But one thing I can honestly say I love about her is how she drafts her jeans/trousers.  When I first saw the Simplicity 8655 pattern, I was instantly drawn to the high waisted pair of white jeans on the front. And I was determined I was going to make it. Infact I decided I was going to go for the entire ensemble which included the tie top.


The pattern comes with high-waisted jeans with optional slim or bell bottom andalso includes a summer-ready tie front blouse. I cut a size 14 for the jeans and a size 8 for the top.



For the jeans, this pattern calls for stretch wovens. I used a white Cotton Drill purchased from my trip to Fabric Land. This fabric is generally quite sturdy but this one had some stretch to it which made it a perfect choice. For the top, I used a red lightweight viscose type of fabric that I bought from my local Walthamstow Market about nearly a year ago.


  • Shortened the crotch length by a total of 4” (2” in the front and 2” at the back)

I’ve got into the habit of measuring out my pattern pieces in the crotch area when it comes to sewing up any trousers/jeans. I had at least 5 extra inches down there! I would highly recommend to always do your measuring first before cutting into your fabric. There is a great tutorial that I always go to by Professor Pincushion who shows you how to measure and alter your pattern here

  • Took in the side seams in by an extra 5/8″

Before cutting into the size 14, I did a muslin of the jeans in a size 12 thinking that the fabric would help accommodate for any additional ease needed. Turns out my hips refused to cooperate *sigh* so up a size I went and that worked so much better because I was able to take in the side seams when I found that I still had a little extra fabric on the thighs and hips that didn’t give the appearance of a slim fit. Altering the side seams also meant taking in the waist band facing by the same amount so that it fits , so make sure you keep that in mind if you need to the same.


I can honestly say this was probably one of the easiest patterns that I’ve put together. With a total of only 5 pieces, the instructions were very clear to me, I did not have to refer to Mimi’s sew along at all but of course knew that I could watch it if I ever got stuck along the way.

The step for the pin tuck was very interesting to me as it was the first time ever attempting something like that. Mimi has you hand baste along the pin tuck line before moving onto sewing the cleverly hidden darts. Don’t do what I did here and machine baste instead, unless you don’t mind the stitches staying in and used the same colour thread.

The tie top was also very easy to put together. As it is a loose fitting top I was worried that cutting a size 8 would be a little too big, but it is absolutely fine. There is a alot of hemming to do but it isn’t bad at all. I did use the bias binding on the back piece as mentioned but ended up finishing the raw edges by overlocking it before stitching them together at the shoulders.


I love this pattern so much! It’s great for women who struggle to find a pattern that fits to their shape. It’s a very casual chic pair of jeans that can be styled with anything. The fit is great around the waist so hopefully you do not experience gaping at the back. Only changes I would make is taking the hem up by 2″ because it sits a little lower than my ankles.

This will most likely be my go to pattern for high waisted jeans from now on. I already have 2 already on the sewing table in different colours. There may be a possible 3rd one if I don’t get tired of it!

I can say a beginner can take this on who has sewn at least one pair of bottoms, then you can definitely take on this make with Mimi holding your hand through it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. I hope to see you on the next one!