If you are here from the mini video I posted on Instagram then you’d have seen a clip of this pretty little thing as the first outfit up from it. No idea what video I’m talking about? Find it here

First up is the wrap dress M7745,  a popular wrap dress pattern released by McCall’s in 2018. Described as a fitted lined dress with neckline and sleeve variations and nice ribbon ties to complete the design. It also includes separate cup sizes which is very beneficial for those that need that support.

I’ll be honest and say I’m not sure what the fabric content is as I bought this a while ago from my local fabric market. But both  have quite a lot of drape so I’ll place them in the crepe/silk category.

I cut View B at size 8/B cup. For reference my body measurements are 34-29-40

The adjustments I made were to raise the neckline by an 1″ but to be honest I don’t think it made a lot of difference which I’ll go into a little later. I also shortened the dress so that it fell to my calves rather than the full maxi length.

As there are only 5 pieces for this view, from the onset it seems quite easy to construct. However my main issues during the sewing process were with the fit of the bodice the straps, the attaching the ruffle and the tie ends that complete the wrap.

The instructions show that there are meant to be four ties attached to the bodice; but I didn’t understand what was the use of the fourth tie if you already have 2 on the outside and one on the inside. There are no diagrams to show how it functions either.

One thing to note here is that the ruffle was very fiddly to attach . If you are working with a particularly slippery, drapey fabric be sure to stabilise it well. I also had trouble adjusting the straps so that it didn’t sit so low on my chest and expose anything.

This leads me to the adjustment I wrote about earlier to the neckline. I raised this by an 1″ so that there wouldn’t be any gaping or as minimal as possible and to ensure I got the most coverage. But it turns out that it didn’t do much to prevent that. When it came to tying the wrap around me it doesn’t feel secure at all. I constantly have to adjust this ensure I am decently covered. Which makes me wonder whether the ribbon ties were drafted in the right place. I also can’t add any fastenings to the front due to the obstruction of the ruffle which is quite frustrating.

If I were to try again, I would consider going down to the smallest size on the pattern and try to raise the neckline by another inch to see if I can gain more coverage. I’d also reposition the ties also so that they feel secure when tied.

Whilst this is a cute dress based on the line art and the sample sewn on the pattern envelope, the fit is an area I had difficulties with and as such I won’t be attempting this again. Which is a shame because I do like the design, but it’s a wrap for me.