I thought I’d write specifically about this make because it deserved it’s own post.

Still crushing over my Sicily Slip Dress fabric, I wanted to use what I had left into another dress. And immediately Simplicity 8013 came to mind. Infamously known for its fabric hungry requirements. 7 meters/10 yards you’re looking at sewing with and the majority of that goes towards the skirt and skirt lining!

I only wanted the bodice so cut out a size 12 with no adjustments. For reference, my measurements are 34-30-41. The fabric I’ve used is a beautiful dusty pink crepe back satin from Woolcrest Textiles

I chose not to use the sleeves from the pattern and instead used Simplicity 8789 in its place.

I did measure the armhole of the bodice, front and back, and the sleeve head to make sure that it would have enough ease to fit together. Highly recommend you do this.

Now the skirt. No way was I going to purchase the amount of fabric required just for the skirt. Nope! I chose to draft my own half circle skirt. There is a very handy tool to use https://byhandlondon.com/pages/circle-skirt-app to help you calculate how the  length and width of your skirt using your own measurements. I just about manage to get 2 back panels and 1 front cut on the fold.

I’m glad I was able to visualise and bring this dress to life the way I wanted it without comprising the style too much. My favourite detail is the pleating at the waist. A couple of things to note is that:

  • The dress does show cleavage, I didn’t have too much trouble with that as I just crossed the bodice over tighter.
  • The bodice from S8013 does not have loops for the belt so it just ha gs there. Which is no good if it isn’t held in place whilst around your waist. I would definitely add these in at the side seams.

I’m not one for mashing patterns together, but I wanted to get creative and push myself out of my comfort zone a little and this project was just the one to get me started.